At Cockle Cove Press, our aim is to nurture thoughtful books and give them the attention they merit. We publish serious non-fiction books and high-quality literary works. Our current publishing program emphasizes African-American studies, anthropology, East Asian studies, essays, education, land use planning, media studies, nature and the environment, religion, sport and society, travel essays and urbanism. We are a small press that prefers to work closely with authors every step of the way towards creating books that will enlighten and endure.

The Press invites submissions for nonfiction books and high-quality literary works. However, we strongly prefer proposals to phone calls. Proposals sent to Cockle Cove Press should be typed double-spaced and single-sided on standard-sized white paper. They should not be sent electronically or as attachments to e-mail messages. A proposal should give Cockle Cove Press editors and marketing staff a clear and detailed idea of what your book will be about and how it will be structured. The proposal should also tell the Press why you are writing this particular book and who you envision as your audience. Include a table of contents and chapter outline; if your manuscript is complete, you may also include an introduction and sample chapter. Consideration of proposals may take up to six weeks; and review of manuscripts up to three or four months. We select the books we will publish using a careful process of review by Press staff and outside experts.


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