Jerry Ellis has believed the Sagamore Cemetery is haunted ever since taking on the responsibility of caretaker when he was a teenager. The retired Korean War Air Force pilot still takes pride in his duty, watching over the ancient stones that mark the graves of former residents of the town of Bourne, including many of his own ancestors. His extensive knowledge of the history of Bourne makes his encounters with ghosts in the cemetery all the more meaningful.
In his firsthand account in Cape Encounters, Ellis shares his personal theories as to why Eliza Howe's gravestone was one day found leaning against the stone of her husband, Captain William Burgess.



According to Ellis, "it couldn't have been anything of this earth that could have removed her stone from her site. There was absolutely no way a fulcrum could had been used to force it up", said Jerry. "It always leaves an impression, no matter where you do it. There wasn't even a footprint in the hole that it came out of, Who could do that? I can't pick it up. I invite you to put your hand on that stone and feel how heavy it is."