Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories

"Cape Encounters"

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    After more than a decade spent searching Cape Cod for contemporary ghost stories, Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph have produced a work of surprising substance and depth. The authors have given voice to the many divergent—and equally passionate—points of view that surround ghosts, and in the process they have created an intimate portrait of the Cape.

     In this fascinating collection, residents of Cape Cod share stories about ghosts who descend staircases that no longer exist, kiss sleeping women, flip theater seats, fold laundry, and join musicians onstage.

     While seeking out only the mysterious, the authors instead met intelligent, thoughtful individuals who related their stories with humor and insight. What these ordinary Cape Codders have to say may challenge your notions of haunted houses. The narrators characterize their experiences as natural and often comforting, showing remarkable openness as they discuss their beliefs and ponder the meaning of their encounters.

    Whether you’re amused or comforted, puzzled or disturbed by these stories, they are above all thought-provoking and entertaining—as memorable and distinctive as the people who experienced them. They also capture the unique charm of the Cape—a combination of tradition, natural beauty, maritime lore. . . and mystery. Enter the Cape’s historic, soulful homes and discover a world in which the past is very much alive.


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